The Phantom Gourmet tries Salad Fingers

I started writing a Halloween short story and there’s a spirit creature that I realized is basically a cross between Salad Fingers and the Phantom Gourmet, a local restaurant review TV show that is a staple of those times when you just happen to be in front of a TV… Continue reading

The president of the college where I work and the governor of the state were supposed to come through my office today. One of my first thoughts when I heard they would be coming was basically, “I’d better make sure to have my best playlist on.”


And because they would notice that? Sure. Sure, they would.

They turned out not to be the actual visitors, but I still think putting on your best playlist is good etiquette.

“If I listen to a playlist of children’s new wave songs about trucks at work, will anybody notice?” That’s the question my partner and I have been wondering about (more me because of the nature of my job) now that our kid is obsessed with this song about a cement mixer. Like a disease, it has spread to everyone around her. We all have it stuck in our heads. It goes round and round and round and round…

If this had existed when I was in high school, it’s exactly the kind of thing I would’ve binged-watched just because it’s weird.

You know the scene in Avatar: The Last Airbender when Azula goes to recruit Tai Lee the acrobat for her elite team of fighters by having the ringmaster release all the animals and setting the net on fire?

I think that’s what a 401k is?

The Judgmental Advice Column: Friends and Movie References

If someone hasn’t seen a movie that you like, it says everything about them as a person. The Judgmental Advice Column tackles friends who don’t get movie and TV references. Continue reading