I couldn’t find the official video for “Outsiders,” if there is such a thing, but this was my favorite Franz Ferdinand song for years. I’d never seen the video before.

This is the result of my hands-on plot-fixing session the other day. It led to me writing a scene I came up with twelve years ago, but hadn’t figured out how to write (in part because of Stars Fall Out’s long, weird history). I plotted and wrote it in an hour-and-a-half, and it’s improved two main characters, my worldbuilding for the city of Nirsuathu, and even the ending.

I slammed my laptop shut, wished Dunkin Donuts were more conducive to victory laps, then drove to work while blasting “Outsiders” by Franz Ferdinand, which is part of my Stars playlist, and is quite a bombastic song for representing a character who’s been stuck in Nirsuathu for months.

A friend posted on Facebook asking which five TV shows you would bring to a deserted island. Here are mine:

Doctor Who
Star Trek: DS9
Gilmore Girls
30 Rock
Avatar: The Last Airbender, and its sequel Legend of Korra

Those last two are separate shows. But meh, rules. I love deep, conflict-rich worldbuilding and sharp dialogue. All of those shows have both.

I just listened to the Unladylike podcast, Episode 59: How to wear too much makeup.

I love the idea of makeup as warpaint, or as a confrontation. Most days I only wear black eyeliner, which is itself an empowering thing for me; I associate it with edginess and rebellion, and it gives me a power boost, even if most days it presents more subtly.

I didn’t think I’d be much interested in this episode, as I’m more on the “makeup is problematic” side of the fence. But now I’m inspired to go on an adventure to find blue lipstick and pink eyeliner, and anything else that screams “over-the-top new wave androgyny” and “you’re not supposed to do this in your thirties.”

Since redesigning my site is one of my back-burner projects, I’ve procrastinated by reading an unnecessary amount of articles about color schemes and color theory. So many articles about color in web design focus on color psychology, and in essence try to pass broad principles off as nuts-and-bolts advice. The above link is a practical guide.

Play tag, solve everything

A park by the road with trees.

I propose that we all go out and play tag because it’s going to solve multiple problems, because it’s going to be fun, and because it’s logical to have fun. Continue reading