Kris Bowser

About me

Kris Bowser spent her childhood adventuring in the rocky hills and forests of Southern New England, trekking through woods and picking the wild blueberries that grow by lakes. Goblins taught her how to navigate spooky forests, and how to sneak into a dread wizard’s fortress to steal cheese.

Eventually, she attended school, where she learned that dystopia isn’t only found in the future.  Though she was frequently told not to, at school Kris drew and wrote comics about time travel and the absurd tyranny of teachers and bus drivers. As it turns out, comics become writing if you drop the pictures, and so Kris began writing fiction.  School was where she met her partner, a renegade gardener who knows the magic uses of plants.  Instead of escaping school when she had the chance, Kris also attended college, where she made the dubious decision of studying English, a language she already knew how to read, speak, write, and curse in.

Eventually, Kris and her partner escaped the academic machine on an airship powered by speculative possibilities and crewed by clockwork monsters.  Every so often, they glimpsed far-off winter towns full of lit windows and fireplace smoke curling into a cloudy evening’s sky. The imagined comforts of strangers’ hearths tugged against the song of adventure.  In the single moment when day turns to night, Kris learned that other worlds exist tucked into corners and around bends.

Now in a rebel band of superheroes and outcasts, Kris’s coffee-activated superpower allows her to transform into a rush of wind and pass through locked doors.  She thinks of herself as an intrepid adventurer, roaming with a sketchbook and a typewriter, hopping trains, wearing cargo pants, and running fast.  Though, in reality, she is often caught in the disempowering and nefarious clutches of Mundane Problems, and must send her characters to do her adventuring for her.  Kris is possessed of the rebel do-it-yourself spirit, and while she likes the idea of making her own clothes, she is too impatient for sewing.

Currently, Kris and her partner live in an old New England mill town, haunted by the spirits and shadows of machines and industry.