Kris Bowser


Do you love stories about outcasts, wizards, travelers, and goblins? What about magicians, linguists, soldiers, and inventors? Ghost hunters, park rangers, thieves, tinkers, runaways, scientists, magical researchers, and bards? These are my characters.

Do see villains in a loving, the-more-the-better sort of light? And think that superheroes would be cooler if they, too, were villains?

What about worlds where magic isn’t just the possession of one old dude who’s the last of his kind, but rather something interesting and pervasive, with effects that really matter?

Do you care where the line is between fantasy and science fiction, or any other genres, or do you figure that lines sound suspiciously like rules, and rules are for breaking while you dart away into some hidden corner, laughing like an imp?

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