Kris Bowser


Websites | Book Formatting


I create WordPress websites for small businesses and creatives. Due to my background in writing and editing, I offer more than bare-bones tech support—I help you clarify your message.

My website services start at $60 for set-up or domain migration. This includes a consultation to figure out what pages you need on your site, what you’re trying to say (both in words and through design) and functionality you’ll need in the future. From this, I help you select a WordPress theme to suit your site’s structure and purpose. There are a *ton* of great WordPress themes out there, so picking one can be a shortcut to decision fatigue. :)

Once your site is set up, I’ll add any starter pages you have ready. Beyond that, I would need to give you a quote on further customization and design.

While I don’t currently offer editing services on their own, I do provide copyediting and proofreading services for websites that I work on.

Book formatting

Ebook formatting happens where words, design, and code intersect. Professional books have a lot of subtle typographic niceties that readers pick up on, even if they can’t verbalize what they are.

I convert your manuscript to clean HTML and format your book by hand to produce streamlined reflowable ebooks.

I charge $1.00 per 1,000 words, with a $40 minimum. Series discounts and ebook + print bundles available. No minimum word count.

40,000 words or fewer$40
50,000 words$50
60,000 words$60
100,000 words$100
and so on…

If finances are an issue…

Please let me know, and we can work out a payment plan that is practical and fair to both of us. I’m no stranger to stressful financial situations, and we’re all stuck together in the dumpster fire of capitalism. I love working with people on their passion projects, so if that’s you, I don’t want finances to be a barrier.