Spirit Notes Fading has a new cover!

Spirit Notes Fading has a new cover!

Spirit Notes Fading

One of my goals before I release Stars Fall Out has been to update my previous two books. I designed the early covers myself, at a point in my life when I had aspirations of going into cover design myself.

My covers weren’t great. Part of a learning process. I could’ve become better with time, just like anyone with anything. But ultimately, it was a trajectory that I abandoned because I only have so many hours in my life.

One thing that blew my mind recently: when I read The Perfectionist’s Handbook by Jeff Szymanski, he points out that the word “decide” has the same ending as “homicide” and “suicide.”

When you choose one thing, you’re killing other choices.

After I killed that trajectory, it was a relief to have someone else do the covers. And the time I put into self-learning still had value; it helped me to communicate to the designer in a more informed way, with a better idea of what I wanted.

The new cover does a much better job expressing the book’s overall vibe, and I’m pretty happy with it!

As always, Spirit Notes Fading is free to newsletter subscribers here and also available for $.99 at your e-book purveyor of choice. You can even request it at your local library.

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