Solar Pomodoro watch

Solar Pomodoro watch

A Casio Tough Solar Watch
A nice detail: timer mode shows the time of day in a little bar at the bottom of the face.

I always used to wish my digital watches had a Pomodoro timer function. I even considered writing to Timex at one point to request this, but I’m a lazy bag of social anxiety, so that didn’t happen.

My new Casio watch has an awesome, unadvertised Pomodoro function that lets you stack and repeat multiple timers. I bought this only because the metal band of my old watch gave me massive patches of red itchy bumps, and apparently I would rather exacerbate them than go without a watch for a few days. This one was $20 and solar-powered, and I was surprised to stumble on a feature I’d wanted in a watch for so long.


  1. Im searching for similar thing, but I would like it to be analog watch. A huge bonus is to use bezzle to initialize countdown. Turn to the right – 5,10,15,20 minutes, press and it starts the countdown.

    Anyways, can you tell me model of you watch?


    1. It’s a Casio Women’s STL-S300H-1CCR Solar Runner. Now that I’ve had it a year and a half, I can say it does well both keeping time and holding a charge, something I’d wondered about since I’ve never had a solar watch before.

      I love the idea of a bezel that initializes countdown. Very convenient.

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