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Tag: productivity

“Papers I think I want to keep but I don’t know how to organize them.”

I found this envelope on a shelf when I cleaned my office recently. It’s apparently from before I understood what a filing cabinet is.

The way you do anything is the way you do everything.

Tom Waits

I’d seen this quote a number of times, usually in articles about productivity, before I discovered that it came from Tom Waits. It’s something I’ve thought about a lot.

If you’re a perfectionist in your art or writing, it’s worth searching the rest of your life for the same patterns.

It’s taken years to realize that I’ve been living in an incredibly stilted manner

Solar Pomodoro watch

A Casio Tough Solar Watch
A nice detail: timer mode shows the time of day in a little bar at the bottom of the face.

I always used to wish my digital watches had a Pomodoro timer function. I even considered writing to Timex at one point to request this, but I’m a lazy bag of social anxiety, so that didn’t happen.

My new Casio watch has an awesome, unadvertised Pomodoro function that lets you stack and repeat multiple timers. I bought this only because the metal band of my old watch gave me massive patches of red itchy bumps, and apparently I would rather exacerbate them than go without a watch for a few days. This one was $20 and solar-powered, and I was surprised to stumble on a feature I’d wanted in a watch for so long.