Local NaNoWriMo Logo

I created this logo for the local National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) group that I co-organize events for in the Milford/Bellingham/ Franklin area of Massachusetts. The logo has had a long evolution: I made changes every year or two as I improved my skills. The above logo is from 2016, and was meant to go along with that year’s outer space theme.

Spirit Notes Fading

Spirit Notes Fading is a short collection of speculative fiction stories. A cover with a literal representation of any single story would have misrepresented the other three stories, and the book as a whole. For this reason, I aimed to capture the tone of the book: primarily fantasy, with a dash of creepiness.
While I think I succeeded in capturing the tone of the book, I’d like to prune some of the excessive branches behind the title text when I release a reformatted version of the book.